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Arkwright Engineering Scholarships 2023 Webinar (Yr 11) on 4/1/23 - Register Now!

If you are thinking about applying for a 2023 Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, this webinar is for you.

Aimed at students in Year 11 (England & Wales), S4 (Scotland) or Year 12 (Northern Ireland) and their teachers, this webinar will give you a real insight into all things Arkwright, to help you prepare for the 2023 Scholarship applications and selection process.

We will have a panel of experts on hand to talk through the Scholarship programme in more detail, how schools and students can get involved, and the support available to both teachers and applicants.

You will also have the opportunity to submit your own questions to the panel via a live Q&A chat.

Parents are also welcome to attend if they wish.


  • Simon Wilson, Programme Manager, Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

  • Mary Sowter, 2018 Arkwright Engineering Scholar

  • Kaylan Shah, 2021 Arkwright Engineering Scholar


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