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  • Catherine Young

Army Virtual Engagement Event (All years, 24th Nov 7pm)

Please find below an invitation to an upcoming Army virtual engagement event. We’d be delighted if you were able to join us for this event which we’re sure you’ll find both interesting and informative. The event includes a dynamic 20 min presentation and a Q&A session where guests can submit live questions to Colonel Neville Holmes.

You can access and register for the live broadcast here at


The aim of the live broadcast is to provide greater awareness and understanding of the British Army. Whatever your background, the British Army is ‘Your Army’ and the purpose of this event is simply to give you a better understanding of how it serves the country. The presentation includes current information on how the Army is supporting the Government’s response to the current Coronavirus pandemic. With live questions, you can find out how the British Army is serving our nation.

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