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  • Catherine Young

Careers in Engineering - KGA Careers Assemblies Week (All years, April 2021)

  • Discover the many different careers in engineering

  • Learn about the range of engineering degrees you can study at University of South Wales to prepare you for your career

  • Hear from Oliver Stacey, Regional Student Recruitment Officer – South West, University of South Wales as he answers questions from our KGA student ambassadors

Engineering at USW

(11:54 mins)

Hear Oli Stacey, answering questions from our Careers Student Ambassadors, Macie, Lily and Kieran:

(8:05 mins)


Interested to find out about apprenticeships in Engineering?

Apprenticeships in a multinational company - BT


Thank you to Oliver Stacey at the University of South Wales for supporting our 2021 KGA Careers Assemblies by providing these fantastic resources for our students.

Thank you to the WIN (Wessex Inspiration Network) for their support in pulling these careers assembly resources together.


Which KGA Careers Assembly will you watch next? …

  1. Apprenticeships in a multinational company - BT

  2. Becoming a Teacher – University of Winchester

  3. Becoming an Apprentice – Wiltshire College and University Centre

  4. Careers in Engineering - USW

  5. Careers in Football and Sport - UCFB

  6. Careers in Fundraising & the Charity Sector – Youth Adventure Trust

  7. Careers in Healthcare, Science & STEM – Alliance Pharmaceuticals

  8. Careers in Hospitality & Catering – The Farm Cookery School

  9. Careers in Land-Based Subjects – RAU

  10. Careers in Law – Goughs Solicitors

  11. Careers in the Army - Army

  12. Careers in the Creative Industries – University of Portsmouth

  13. Careers in the Early Years Sector – Wiltshire College and University Centre

  14. Careers in the Energy Sector, including STEM - BP

  15. Careers in Land-based, science, sport & public services sectors - Wiltshire College and University Centre

  16. Careers in Politics and Government – North Wiltshire MP

  17. Careers in the Royal Air Force – Royal Air Force

  18. Careers in the Royal Navy & Royal Marines - Royal Navy

  19. Careers using Humanities subjects – University of Winchester

  20. Vocational Course: Discover the options - Wiltshire College and University Centre

  21. What is university like? Royal Agricultural University - RAU

  22. What is university like? University of Portsmouth – University of Portsmouth

  23. What is university like? University of Winchester – University of Winchester


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