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Discover Brookes - Is uni right for you? (Year 12, deadline Sun 7th Feb 2021)

The Discover Brookes Team at Oxford Brookes University would like to promote their new programme called Discover Brookes that is designed for Year 12s.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about university, meet new people and try out a subject before you commit.

  • Spend the next two years exploring a subject area that interests you in more detail, discovering the opportunities available to you, and finding the answers to any questions you have.

  • Meet new people with similar interests to you from across the country!

  • If you decide to apply to university, Discover Brookes will be a great thing to write about in your personal statement, as it shows your commitment to learn more beyond sixth form or college.

  • The programme will give you access to a contextual offer (which means the grade requirements will be lower), and a £1,000 scholarship if you decide to apply to Oxford Brookes!


Here is a promotional video about Discover Brookes and a promotional poster.

Discover Brookes 2021
Download PDF • 3.82MB

You can also watch our new FAQs video, in which two of their Student Ambassadors answer commonly asked questions from students about the Discover Brookes programme.

You can find more information on our website, and also the application form.

The deadline for applications is 7th February.


We have spaces available on all our subject streams, and you can find more information about them below:

· Business and Management - This stream will give students an insight into the topics taught on Business related courses at university. Students will be introduced to key concepts, alongside opportunities to apply these to practical industry examples. They will further their understanding of four key areas of Business: Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Events and Hospitality Management, and Business Management. This stream will build on the knowledge students have gained through A level Business Studies or Economics, or BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism. It is also open to students who haven’t studied Business before!

· Healthcare - This stream will give students the fantastic opportunity of exploring different health related degrees. Students will interact with virtual lab resources, as well as completing activities they would take part in at university such as interdisciplinary case studies, reflective discussions and group work. Students will explore the vast array of careers within the NHS, and the pathways to get there.

· Teaching and Education - This stream will explore ‘Education for a Better World’. Students will explore the role that teaching and education play in large political issues, such as climate change, activism, Black Lives Matter and the de-colonisation of the curriculum. Students will consider the influence and contribution of young people in these movements, by focusing on the power that young people have, and the role that education plays in this empowerment.

· Engineering and Design - Technology is advancing fast, and those working in the Engineering and Design sector are forging the way. Automotive Engineers are exploring the possibility of hydrogen-powered cars, Biomechanical Engineers are developing bionic limbs, Urban Designers are designing future-proof cities, and Mathematicians are using their skills to model the spread of viruses in a pandemic. On this stream, students will explore how these industries are building our future, from the creativity of design all the way through to the theory underpinning it all. They’ll be introduced to different fields in the sector, with subjects including Automotive Engineering and Urban Design.

If you have any questions at all, we are happy to receive these via email at


Currently the programme consists of a variety of engaging and interactive virtual activities until March 2021, with a mixture of live sessions and ‘offline’ work in your subject area of choice. All of these activities will be accessible via smartphone, as well as on laptops and tablet devices. Later in the programme you will hopefully have the chance to visit the Oxford Brookes campus in-person and meet our staff, current Oxford Brookes students, and the other students taking part in Discover Brookes.


What a fantastic opportunity - good luck with your application!

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