• Catherine Young

February 2021 Virtual WEX Opportunities (Yr 10-13, Feb 2021)

Spring Pod have lots of virtual work experience opportunities available to you that are COMPLETELY FREE!

Try some work out; see if that career path is for you; develop your skills and stand out from the crowd in your future job or university applications:

Apply ASAP - many application deadlines are around the end of Jan/beginning of Feb.

Chartered Institute of Maketing - Marketing Virtual Work Experience February 2021 https://www.springpod.co.uk/marketing-virtual-work-experience/

Vodafone - Innovators Virtual Work Experience https://www.springpod.co.uk/vodafone-virtual-work-experience/

Law Virtual Work Experience https://www.springpod.co.uk/law-virtual-work-experience/

Teaching Virtual Work Experience https://www.springpod.co.uk/teaching-virtual-work-experience/

Nestlé - Employability Skills Programme https://www.springpod.co.uk/nestle-employability-skills-programme/

Finance Virtual Work Experience https://www.springpod.co.uk/finance-virtual-work-experience/

BT - Insight Day https://www.springpod.co.uk/bt-insight-day/

Journalism Virtual Work Experience https://www.springpod.co.uk/journalism-virtual-work-experience/

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