• Catherine Young

Get involved in British Science Week! (All years, 5th - 14th March)

Fancy doing an escape room?

Want to know what the careers are in maths or aerospace or chemistry?

Interested to know more about cybersecurity or biomechanics?

To celebrate British Science Week, the University of South Wales is hosting a range of exciting and interactive events and activities in science, technology, engineering and maths.

From our Women in STEM panel to inspire the next generation of women in STEM careers, virtual geology and interactive escape rooms, to getting into medicine and cybersecurity in smart homes, students can learn more about STEM subjects and the careers they could lead to.

Click here to find out about the activities listed below.

I think our KGA Careers Team may have a go at the USW STEM escape room!

Be encouraged to come and join us to explore the programme and learn more about how they can develop a career in STEM. Better tomorrows start today.

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