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  • Catherine Young

How do I become a Nurse? (All years, Tues 8th Dec, 12pm-12:30pm and 6pm-6:30pm)

Great Western Hospitals would like to invite you to attend a session on Microsoft teams running on Tuesday 8th December about becoming a nurse and the different routes into this profession.

The day is aimed at inspiring students to pursue a career as nurse, educating them on the various routes and the career that could lay ahead for them.

Our team of Nurses will be available for 1 hour on Tuesday 8th December for 2 different sessions at 12pm-12:30pm and 6pm-6:30pm via teams, to talk to you all about the role and then be available to answer any questions.

If you could please let me know (by emailing ​if you would like to take part we will invite you via teams.

We will record the call, so you if you are unable to attend we will send you a recording.

However, please do try and join us live if you can because the interaction will be appreciated and will make a more engaging session.

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