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KGA Careers Fair 2021-22 (All years, Wed 2nd Feb 2022)

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Due to an increase in Covid rates in our area, our Trust (Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust) has taken the decision to suspend mass gatherings and external visitors temporarily within its schools.

This means that our KGA Careers Fair has been moved from Wednesday 10th November to Wednesday 2nd February 2021.

However, this gives you plenty of time to do some research and prepare for who you would like to talk to! You will have 3 tutor times to work on this plus you can use the resources below at home.

Use these resources to help you plan:

1. Choose a subject you love and see which organisations use that subject regularly in lots of positions:

Subject matrix
Download PDF • 173KB


2. Choose a job sector that interests you and find out which organisations to speak to:

Job sector matrix
Download PDF • 359KB

3. Then read about the organisations to see which spark your interest:

KGA KS4 Careers Fair Tutor Time Sessions
Download PDF • 1.93MB

4. Prepare your questions in your KGA Careers Fair booklet:

Careers Fair Exhibitors Booklet for Students 2021-22
Download PDF • 430KB

We look forward to welcoming all the employers and education providers to our school in a safe way in February!

Thank you to WIN and Careerpilot for your support and sponsorship towards this event.

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