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Law Firm Insight Event on Wednesday 26th Jan 2022 (Yrs 10-13) - Book NOW!

Linklaters is a leading global law firm headquartered in London, with revenues upwards of £1.5bn. With leading practices in Corporate, Finance, and Dispute Resolution, they combine legal expertise with a collaborative and innovative approach to help clients navigate constantly evolving markets and regulatory environments, pursuing opportunities and managing risk worldwide.

We will be given a general introduction to the company with the main focus of the event to discuss their Making Links competition. You will hear more about this during the session but briefly the competition gives you a chance to personally win £1,250, your school £3,000 as well as be a part of their Making Links Discovery programme which is an 18-month long work experience opportunity.

We’ll be hearing from 3 of the past winners of this competition who will be coming along to tell us all about their experience with Linklaters and providing some insider tips on how to be best in with a chance of winning.

Taking part in this competition challenge will also of course give you something tremendous to put onto your CV.

Finally there will be a chance to ask any questions you may have to the panelists representing one of the country’s most distinguished law organisations.

To sign up for the event click HERE

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