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Maths Degree Taster Sessions (Yr 12&13, May 6th/11th/19th/26th 2021)

Updated: May 4, 2021


The School of Mathematic Sciences is launching a series of free online lecture dates so A level maths students can see what a first year maths lecture is like. such subject which will be discussed include how maths can be used to fight Covid and tasters of their first-year modules. talks will be available on teams and on demand and will include:

  • Interactive maths

  • Information about their maths courses

  • A Q&A

  • Opportunities to talk to maths undergraduates

Click here to join the lecture:

  • Taster lecture on calculus: Thurs April 29th 5pm click here

  • Popular maths talk: Thurs May 6th 5pm click here

  • Taster lecture on probability: Tues 11th May 6pm click here

  • Taster lecture on problem solving: Wed 19th May 5pm click here

  • Taster lecture on pure mathematics: Wed May 26th 5pm click here


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