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National Apprenticeship Week - Take part with these 7 steps! (All years, 8th-14th Feb 2021)

Find on this post LOADS of amazing information to help you become a future apprentice.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all budding apprentices out there!

Follow our 7 step guide to ensure that you have all the information and knowledge you need.


1. Confused about apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships explained in 2 minutes here


watch our very own KGA and ASK Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Awareness Evening recording (40 minutes):

Feb 2021 KGA Apprenticeship Awareness Evening Recording


2. Complete the daily activities in this Interactive Activity Workbook

Download the interactive activity workbook to use this week.

2_NAW2021 Student Apprenticeship Activit
Download • 7.03MB

Here is the schedule:


3. Attend the Big Assembly - Tuesday 9th February 11:10am

A great chance to meet and talk to employers and apprentices – Register here to join:


4. Test your Apprenticeship Knowledge

Explore apprenticeships in a fun way by completing the quizzes


5. See how Apprenticeships can Link to your Favourite Subjects

  1. Think about your favourite subjects

  2. Download the subject posters below and look at the range of apprenticeships listed for each subject.

  3. Carry out some independent research to see what you can find out about those apprenticeships.

  4. Let your KGA Careers team know what you have discovered.

Visit or download them here:

4_NAW2021 Subject Poster Bundle
Download PDF • 865KB

6. Which Employers Offer Vacancies?

Through the Amazing Apprenticeships Vacancy Snapshot portal you can explore a range of companies that offer apprenticeships and find out the company benefits, programme details, unique look-behind-the-scenes footage, case studies and detailed information about the recruitment process.

You will be amazed at the opportunities!

Visit and browse the different companies offering apprenticeships.

  1. Which companies do you recognise?

  2. What can you discover about the apprenticeships that they offer?

  3. Click on Time To Apply – what can you see about the vacancies currently available?

In addition to the Vacancy Snapshot portal, there are thousands of other apprenticeship vacancies available on the GOV.UK Find an apprenticeship website:


7. Meet Real Apprentices

View our video case studies and meet real apprentices in their workplace. These films will help to build an understanding of day-to-day responsibilities and the range of apprenticeships available.


  1. From the 20 films available, select 2 or 3 to watch that interest you.

  2. Did you discover anything that surprised you?


Calling all Parents/Carers ...

Did you know there’s a 10 step guide to supporting your child to become an apprentice?

Click here to discover the 10 steps in January’s Apprenticeship Parent Pack or download the attached

Download PDF • 3.11MB

Here’s 4 steps to start:

  1. Think about the future

  2. Encourage your child to persevere

  3. Help them to stay connected

  4. Register for updates from apprenticeship services and opportunities available

Also, get your questions answered:

Q&A SESSIONS ASK an Employer - Tuesday 9th February, 12pm – 2pm

Employers of apprentices will be on hand to answer your questions about how apprentices have built their business. Send your questions in using the #AskAnEmployer hashtag on twitter.

ASK an Apprentice - Wednesday 10th February, 12pm – 2pm

Aspiring apprentices and their parents are encouraged to ask questions about apprenticeships to existing apprentices. Use the #AskAnApprentice hashtag on twitter.

More information in the downloadable Parent Pack above.


Want to find out more about T Levels or Traineeships?

Follow these links:


T Levels

Work your way through the different sections of this Traineeship Activity Pack to explore:

  1. What traineeships are

  2. The range of different traineeships available

  3. How a traineeship might support you to move into employment, an apprenticeship or further training

7_Traineeships Student Activity Pack
Download PDF • 2.91MB

NAW Mindfulness Colouring

Exhausted after all that career planning?!

Have a go at some NAW mindfulness colouring ...

8_NAW2021 Colouring sheet
Download PDF • 1.50MB

You can find more information and resources about National Apprenticeship Week here.

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