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Robinson Access Programme (RAP) (Year 11's DEADLINE 5th April 2021)


Information and register here:

The Robinson Access Programme (RAP) is an online scheme for Year 11 students, designed to help them think about university, and especially higher-tariff universities, as an option for their future. The programme will consist of monthly online sessions held across the rest of the school year, introducing students to what university is, how it works, and what it's like to be a student, alongside content that will help develop study and independent learning skills. It is intended to encourage and support students in thinking about applying to selective universities in the UK, so we would particularly like to hear from students who are performing, or have the potential to perform, at the top of their cohort.

However, the programme is open to anyone interested in learning more about university. Students don't need to be certain that they’ll go, or know which universities they want to go to: the information and skills developed as part of RAP are designed to support participants wherever they go after school. Teachers are asked to encourage students they think may benefit from the programme to apply.

More information and register here:

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