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  • Catherine Young

STEM and NHS Careers WEX and Insight Days (Age 14+, Dec 2020 & Feb 2021 dates)

Speakers for Schools are thrilled to advertise some brilliant insight days into STEM and NHS Careers for students at Kingsbury Green Academy.

New Virtual Work Experience Opportunities and Business Insight Days:

· Johnson Matthey: Learn about the Social Value of Science

· Dates: 9th December 2020

· Age: 14+

· Application Deadline: 6th December 2020

· Johnson Matthey: Learn about Unconscious bias and stereotyping

· Dates: 11th December 2020

· Age: 14+

· Application Deadline: 9th December 2020

Meet the people behind the masks: South West England

· Date: 23rd February 2021

· Age: 14+

· Application Deadline: 2nd February 2021

· Work Experience Week - Nursing

· Dates: 15th – 19th February 2021

· Age: 16+

· Application Deadline: 25th January 2021

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to have the best chance of success. Opportunities may close early if sufficient applications are received.

For a full list of placements - sign in here to search and apply.

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