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Talent Tap London & Manchester Work Experience (Yr 12, 2 weeks during Summer 2022)

Summer 2022 London & Manchester Experience

Are you a talented state-school student looking for help to kickstart your professional career?

The Talent Tap is an amazing work experience programme and a "life changing" experience for students. Not only will successful applicants gain invaluable work experience this summer but you’ll also get to start the next chapter in your working lives with relevant help and enthusiastic support - and have the opportunity to build a valuable network of contacts and friends.

Find out more here: www.thetalenttap.com/students

To apply, click here: Application to join The Talent Tap 2022

Application Deadline for Kingsbury Green Academy Students: 20th July 2021

What's in it for you?

  • An application process that gives you interview experience and invaluable feedback.

  • 2 weeks work experience in Central London or Manchester with relevant, industry leading businesses.

  • Fully funded accommodation in shared student accommodation.

  • Presentations, seminars and an opportunity to network with business mentors and other students.

  • The opportunity to return for further work placements and career support whilst you are at university.

  • A network to be part of throughout your ongoing career.

  • You’ll meet and learn from alumni students who have worked with The Talent Tap over the last 10 years and will have the opportunity to re-join the scheme each Summer, to hone your skills and pave the way for your career until you leave full time education.

The main career sectors The Talent Tap can access are:

  • Business and Management

  • IT and Tech

  • Finance and Banking

  • Law

  • Marketing / Advertising / PR

  • Architecture / Design / Engineering

  • Film and Media

We do consider other career paths on a case by case basis.

This is an amazing opportunity! Good luck with your application.

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