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UK Uni & Apprenticeship Search Fair (Oct 6th, Yr 12 & 13)

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Our Autumn Bristol Fair is the perfect way for students to choose which university or apprenticeship is right for them.

This exciting and informative event will provide attendees with the opportunity to speak to a multitude of exhibiting universities and apprenticeship providers.

These will include; the Russell Group, red brick, modern institutions, as well as many of the UK’s biggest apprenticeship providers and local colleges.

Event: UK University & Apprenticeship Search Fair

Event: Location: Ashton Gate, Bristol

Details of interest: Students will also be able to talk to a very wide variety of the UK’s best apprenticeship providers, HE colleges, specialist institutions, and student related organisations. Exhibitors will be featured in two large halls.

There is also a seminar space overlooking the famous pitch. The fair is for students of all ability ranges and aims to widen participation as well as cater for higher academic achievers.

This trip is for students who are considering going on to higher education through the university or apprenticeship route. It is also for students who are capable of going on to university but are not considering it. This may help them consider it as a possible option

More information:


We are running 2 Sixth Form trips on October 6th. You can see the other option by clicking here.

Register your current trip preference via this short form: Sixth Form Trip Form by 3pm Monday 20th September

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