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  • Catherine Young

Uni Week Live! Delivered by Uni of Portsmouth (Yr 11+, 24 - 27th March)

Everything you need to know, before, during and after your application, is at Uni Week Live.

And it's all virtual. Get a taste of undergrad life, with helpful hints on everything from choosing a course, to making friends and moving away – and so much more. All online, wherever you are.

Join us at your own pace, pick the topics you like and discover what you're capable of. This is your flexible guide to university.

Book your place by clicking here.


At Uni Week Live, you'll:

  • Learn how to make important decisions like choosing a degree and a university

  • Break down the UCAS process, with help on preparing for uni and the next steps after applying

  • Explore wellbeing and mental health sessions to help you manage change at university and beyond

  • Chat to current students in live Q&A sessions, and ask them your questions on student life, accommodation and anything else

  • Find all the facts, figures and support related to student finance

  • Look at 140 student-led activities and societies and get social with the Student Union team at Portsmouth

  • See where your degree could take you, as we share stories of Portsmouth graduates who were making decisions like you a short time ago

  • Be able to invite your parents or guardians – with useful evening sessions just for them to tune into

Book your place by clicking here.

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