• Catherine Young

Virtual Work Experience - Speakers for Schools (Yr 10+, April to August)

Kingsbury Green Academy are working with Speakers for Schools to help bring you virtual work experience opportunities.

We receive regular updates from Speakers for Schools about the virtual work experience opportunities that they host. They are all free and are with a wide range of organisations.


Use this document to help you learn about the registration process and how to make your applications quick and straightforward:

Student Registration - Speakers for Scho
Download • 969KB

To sign up for an experience, you create a student account. Sign up here!


We would highly recommend that you take up one or more of these opportunities, particularly if you are in Year 10 and above.

They will help you discover more about your interests and develop your employability skills - plus they will give you experience that you can talk about in interviews, CVs and personal statements.

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