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Yr 11 Medical Summer School (Yr 11, 3rd March application deadline, 10-13th Aug 2021)

Here is a very exciting opportunity from Imperial College, London...

We would like to invite students at your school to apply to our Year 11 Medical Summer School. This is a free summer school for students considering a career in medicine.


Almost 170 young people have been able to benefit from taking part in Imperial’s Y11 Medical Summer School in the last couple of years, and we would be keen to receive applications from your students.


When will the summer school take place?

The summer school will take place between 10 and 13 August 2021 and is fully funded (free to participants).

At present, the decision has not yet been made as to whether delivery will be in-person (i.e. residential) or online. We are continually assessing the situation and intend to inform participants about this at the point of making decisions about applications (where possible).


Video to find out more:


Applications will close at 23:59 on 3 March 2021.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants from schools in target areas, of which Wiltshire is one, will be prioritised. Therefore, if you have any Year 11 students at Kingsbury Green Academy who enjoy the sciences, are interested in medicine and meet the eligibility criteria please inform them of this opportunity.

Successful applicants will get to experience what it is like to study at medical school, wider aspects of healthcare, and university life in general. The programme is designed to inform and to build confidence, with a focus on showing students that people from a range of backgrounds have successful careers in medicine.


Good luck to all of you that decide to apply!

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