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KGA Yr 12 WEX Programme (Yr 12, Summer 2021)

Updated: May 19, 2021

Year 12 Build Your Skills and Gain Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience has suddenly made it possible for more students to experience a greater range of industries and job roles. The opportunities are endless – all you need to do it apply!

We will be using Speakers for Schools as our main VWEX portal, in place of in-person placements this year. Explore an industry, meet new people and develop your skills plus you will have something that will help you to stand out on your CV and in an interview.

  1. Register with Speakers for Schools during Wed 19th May assembly

  2. Apply for a Speakers for Schools placement by 26th May, inform your tutor of your potential WEX dates and make plans to catch up on any lessons you will miss

  3. Confirm with your tutor when you have been accepted onto the WEX placement.

  4. If you are not accepted onto the placement, then apply for another.

  5. Look at www.kgacareers.com and click on Work Experience to find other options too that you could apply for

  6. Complete the VWEX evaluation form to log that you have completed your work experience: www.bit.ly/Yr12WEXform

See below for more detail on how to complete these steps.

Did you miss the Yr 12 VWEX assembly on 19th May? - catch up on a short recorded version here:


Step 1: Register for Speakers for Schools

For help in registering: www.bit.ly/KGAS4S or see the PDF below:

How to Apply for Work Experience
Download PDF • 8.08MB

Step 2: Apply for a work experience placement by searching for a placement within your account or using a link below for one of the latest virtual insight and work experiences available during June and July.

South West

1 day Insight with IBM - http://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1546

1 day Insight with Bishop Fleming - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1536

3 day Work Experience with DSTL - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1836

5 day Work Experience with LiveWest - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1834

Bath, Bristol, South Glos and North East Somerset – West of England Combined Authority

2 x Half day insight with Access Creative - http://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1733 or http://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1728

1 day Insight with University Bristol and Weston Hospital -https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1760

3 day Work Experience with Network N – http://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1510

3 day Work Experience with Agilisys - http://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1745

3 day Work Experience with West of England Combined Authority - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1868

5 day Work Experience with Hewlett Packard Enterprise - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1860

Devon, Plymouth, Torbay and Somerset – Heart of the South West

3 day Work Experience with Somerset NHS - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1388


3 day Work Experience with WRW Construction - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1562

Half day insight with Virgin Money - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1701

1 day Insight with Pineshield Health - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1611


1 day Insight with Superdry - https://www.s4snextgen.org/Opportunities/View/id/1736.

Here is a spreadsheet snapshot of the placements in South West, Wales and Nationally as of May 17th.

S4S VWEX update 17th May
Download XLSX • 64KB

Step 3: Confirm with your tutor when you are accepted onto a placement, and if not, keep looking and applying

Step 4:

We hope you enjoy your experience! Don't forget to write about it on your personal statement and CV.

Step 5: Complete the VWEX evaluation form to log that you have completed your work experience: www.bit.ly/Yr12WEXform

65% of employers rated relevant work experience as significant or critical when hiring, compared to less than half (46%) for academic qualifications. Edge Foundation Bulletin 8

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